Interesting Things to Know About PowerPoint Presentation

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I know, I know. It’s been a long time I haven’t updated my blog.  It’s a long story actually and I do not intend to confuse the readers with a content that is not in any way related to the descriptive nature of the title.

Lately, I have been into creation of PowerPoint presentations again.

There are interesting things I learned after showing three (3) presentations one evening to my son who is an English teacher and who makes use of PowerPoint in his classroom presentations. It is such an engaging discussion with him.  He is a very sincere young man who gives his best at sharing what he knows especially if they could help another person.

He saw the animations I applied to the current presentation.  Honestly, I got carried away with gladness and amusement while using the animations. It was not my plan to use a lot but to be able to use these applications truly made me feel accomplished.  His first question was, “What is the animation for?”  I didn’t know the answer first, and he continued telling me that in using animations, there has to be a purpose otherwise it will create confusion and the presentation will just focus on them not on the topic at hand.  I was able to think of an answer and it went like this – “It’s meant to give a break to the series of serious slides per topic.”  That’s a dangerous thing to do, I was told.  There has to be focus for each presentation not to create confusion.

My son also mentioned that in his PowerPoint presentations, he always goes with the white background because it is safer.  Some people, he said, can get away with other colors but one has to consider very well the colors of the fonts versus the background used.

I also learned that to be safe choose the animation “Appear” or “Fade” or limit the timing for a fancy animation.  Which I just did in a recent PowerPoint presentation in a workshop I had for a group.

It was fun!

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