The Confusion about the Native English Language

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In a job portal, one of the requirements for a content writer reads can write and speak native English.  It would not have caught my attention if the word native wasn’t there.

I got so confused that I had to consult Google.  Google brought me to a website with a query that says ‘Who is considered a native speaker of English?’

The discussion brought up the following definitions expressing that a native speaker of English is someone who:

– has learned and used English from childhood

– knows more than the vocabulary and grammar

– can instantly identify slang, cultural references, and correct syntax

– absorbed the language through natural acquisition, not learned or taught purposely

– can judge if the use of the English language sounds normal

– thinks primarily in English and that other English speaker can recognize

I get now what native English language is.  What I cannot understand is why is it a requirement in content writing?  If a content writer is proficient in English and can bring leads and customers to the business, isn’t it what matters?

Why would an employer post such a requirement in a global portal?  Would it be better if they post these jobs that require native English speakers/writers in a local platform?

I am confused. Please enlighten me.


    1. Hi, Julie! Thanks for dropping by. I am not sure if the casual type of delivery fits content writing. There is a structure that has to be followed so it is truly a puzzle to me. I can understand if the requirement reads more like ‘can speak native English’. 🙂


    1. I have no doubt, Dr. Amrita, that it helps in screening but I am confused why the job was posted on the global portal. Thanks for your comment and for appreciating. 🙂


  1. The practice sounds a bit discriminatory and prejudicial. It seems getting a writing sample would be a more concrete way of determining who to hire.


    1. Hi, Lillian. Thank you for your comment. There must be a reason for that practice. I believe that when it comes to content, what is most important is you get the attention of the audience. It’s the premise of the content that is most important. 🙂

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