Creating a Content Marketing Plan for Newbies

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For a newbie in the content writing arena, the need to create a content marketing plan is a surprise.

“I just want to write, why do I need to write a plan?’

That’s the tiny voice in your head appealing to ignore the suggestion.

One day, a client asks you to write content for their small start-up business. Word spreads fast that your work is exceptional. Another client requires you to write content for his small business. It becomes a project eventually.

How do you handle the challenge? Will you be able to deliver the assigned tasks?

You will need a strategy through a content marketing plan for your projects and writing gigs.

What is a content marketing plan, by the way?

Like any other plan, it is something that you create in advance to meet your objectives and goals. The content marketing plan contains the strategy of how you will execute promoting your content. For a newbie, it does not need to be laborious.

Check this simple content marketing plan for newbies:


How do you find this content marketing plan? If you want an in-depth study, you can check this out for more information.



  1. I have been focusing on Pinterest lately. So right now, I would say that my content marketing plan for the rest of the year, is to write blog posts that match my pin boards and make and post pins for them. Then, I will assess how well that worked and create a new one for next year.


    1. Hi, Jeanine! That’s very interesting – creating posts that go along with your pins. We make plans to assess the results at the end of each year or month or quarter (depending on how we want them measured). It’s like measuring our performance vs. the goals we set.

      Thanks! Glad to hear your input. 🙂


    1. Thank you for appreciating, Ian! Thank you, too, for the advice re: the table. Had to refresh my knowledge about Microsoft Paint. 😀 😀 😀


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