Why a Business Owner Needs a Content Writer

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‘How do I start as a content writer?’ A visitor shot this question on the Facebook page of businesswoman wannabe.

Before you go on itemizing the steps to answer the question, you should know first what a content writer is and why a business will need one.

Why do I need a content writer?

Imagine a panel from the organization (the one you had submitted your application to) will interview you.  It can be horrifying, but only if you are not prepared.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Remember, these questions are necessary not only to the business owner but also to you.  It should make you think about your objectives and goals as a content writer by now.

The situation also triggers a self-check. Why will a business owner need a content writer?

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Growth strategies in business completely changed.  Marketing a product or service may appear easy to some businessmen who embraced the changes, but to a newcomer, they appear complex. Add to the fact that there is an emergence of content writers.

So during the interview, it is possible that the panel will ask why the organization will need a content writer. They may choose to interview you in person or online. In either case, you need to answer confidently.  What matters is your answer.

How do you answer?

You may choose to tell them this:

“Your business has a website that sells your products and services.  The content should add value to the business. That is why you need a content writer.  If you do not have the time and skills, I can do the writing for you.”

Or this:

“As a content writer, I will be the voice of your company.  I will create content in the form of texts, visuals, audio, and video for your regular or potential buyer (your audience).  I will not only write content. I will sell your product and services through content. I believe though that we have to work together for the success of your business.”

You may have noticed that the second answer appeals more because of the intention to help.  It creates a solid impression when you have a concrete objective as a content writer.

What would your answer to the question be?



  1. Hi Bing:
    I do not have a business nor do I write for a living. But still your topic is of interest and value to me. I write for my own pleasure. It is important also for me to write well and that means content. Your title ‘content writer” gives me pause to thing – do I have content?


    1. Hello, Hafong! Good question, and a potential content on my writing to-do-list! 😀 The very essence of content, I believe, is writing for an audience thru any medium. The audience is anyone who will consume your information (whatever you wanted to share). It helps that we write with a purpose directed to an audience, whether we choose to receive payouts (or payments/incentives) or not.


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