Fonts Speak for Your Content

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Fonts are fun!

It does not only mean fonts are fun because they are fancy or cute or playful. These types of fonts are fun, too, but in general, fonts are fun because they give joy to the audience when they are used right. They speak for your content.

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How do they speak for your content?


Of course, branding is a totally different aspect of a business, but the fonts selected for the texts on your website speak about your brand. 99designs mentions that typography is one of the six essentials of a brand style guide (a tool that presents your business to the world).  That would mean, you have to use the right fonts depending on how you want to convey your brand identity.


Your decision to use the right mix of fonts for your website and other platforms that you use will definitely ensure consistency.   Your website has to look good as Digital Maestro enumerated in this post and by looking good, you have to consider the typeface, the color, and the style of your fonts for each and every facet of your website.


The first impression lasts. Though it may sound an old story, your audience will not visit a messy website because of the fonts. You would not want them to see that poor selection of fonts on your website. (We’re not talking yet about the layout and the navigation!)

What you would want them to see is a website that has fonts that make them want to make a decision to stay and probably make a purchase.

Now, go to Google Fonts and choose the right combination of fonts for your website. It’s free and it’s fun to experiment.



  1. I like to use Google Fonts on websites since they are fast to load and were made to be used on websites.

    One thing I would recommend is NOT switching too often as people may get confused of where they are when the come back to your site. As you explained, your branding incorporates fonts, so switching too frequently can go off brand.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Yes, Google fonts are easy to embed or use. That is what I am worried about everytime I change how my website looks. Thanks for the tip I will keep that in mind.


    1. Hi, Julie. Yes, we can get too excited at times. In my case, it’s not only the excitement, but I also tend to be critical about my own choice of design, color, and font. Thanks for dropping by!


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