3 Challenges New Content Writers Face

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“I am ready!”

These are your words you tell yourself. You are already prepared to be a content writer, creating marketing copies for products and services.

It would be challenging to write and compete with other content writers. You try to convince yourself that you can do it. After all, the price of success is hard work – a part of a quote by Vince Lombardi.

Then with some stroke of luck, the internet handed you a research paper by Joanne Dolezal, an expert in marketing strategy and digital and content marketing. You got interested so, you finished reading.

*Deep sigh*

You suddenly realized that content writing is not simple. New content writers like you have challenges to face.

There are a vast multitude of content writers to compete

From 1990, when the World Wide Web emerged, businesses started to use websites to represent their products and services. Content writing and writers evolve from that time. A good majority became seasoned writers, and the craft was passed on to aspirants.

Decades past, it had grown to a bigger group, with the good and the not-so-good writers, doing the same stuff – creating copies for businesses, organizations, and brands.

Established publishers and content writers take over the sharings, too.  New content writers are deprived of opportunities.

What to do:
You compete with quality content. As Marcus Sheridan wrote, ‘Great content will always win.’ This should be your yardstick.

You work hard polishing your skills. Make quality the pride of your workmanship.

You do not stop thriving.  You have to fight the good fight.

There are evolving changes in social media that affect content performance and reach

A BuzzSumo report in 2018 presented their research and findings that there is a decline in the median number of shares from 8 in 2015 to a small of 4 in 2017.

The ever-changing algorithms of social network platforms like Facebook and YouTube pose a threat.

Dark social media, or private sharing, contributes to the decline of shares, too. This resulted when people share content via apps, e-mail, or text messaging.

What to do:
Suggest reviewing the organization’s social media strategy. The changes are inevitable, therefore, you have to do your part in helping them to adapt.

There is a growing need to maximize ‘reach’ by other methods

Some businesses may resort to advertising, promotions, and distribution to reach the audience, an option being considered to replace the need for content writers.

Content publishers may have to increasingly pay to boost the distribution of content via social media or digital channels.

What to do:
Believe Marcus Sheridan when he said, “great content will always win; it costs no more to produce great content; content shock is irrelevant if you have an identified niche; customers will always research purchases and seek answers; content marketing does not require a big budget, and technology will provide the solution to finite consumer demand (for content).”

Also, promote advocacies that support the need for great content for the audience.

Are you ready now?


  1. I can see how content writing is challenging. It’s easy for me to write about what I want to, what I experience, and what I know. I can’t imagine writing competitively to advertise or promote people, services, or products I don’t have firsthand knowledge of.


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