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In a discussion forum in one of those online courses, the moderator asked a question of whether a website is important in building a content writer’s professional brand.

Wait, does that mean I need to have a blog? 

You might have had asked that question, too. The big ‘why’ probably ensued after.

The answers to the question in that forum are broken down into groups that agree, don’t agree, both favor yes and no, and don’t have the answer.

But first, let us define what a blog and a website are.

Beginners Guide for WordPress explained clearly the difference. In summary,

  • a blog is a type of website where blog posts are presented in reverse chronological order
  • blogs started in the mid-’90s in the form of online diaries and journals
  • blogs are a type of website and updated regularly
  • typical websites are static in nature while blogs are dynamic
  • websites are not updated frequently while blogs are updated more frequently
  • blogs can be a website or a part of a website

So, is a website important in building a content writer’s professional brand?

It is very important to have a website where you can blog about your brand as a content writer.  Here are the reasons why:

  • You become the voice of your brand. Your voice speaks about your personality, skills, and abilities through your blog content.
  • Your writing philosophy, style, and tone reflect what you can offer to your audience (your clients/customers).
  • Your website/blog serves as your portfolio showcasing the work that you can do for them.
  • Your website/blog reflects the experiences as you write about them, too.
  • You get recognized for what you share (valuable information) to your fellow content writers and for your audience through your website/blog.
  • Your online presence and authority (through your website/blog equipped with the right tools) make it easy for your audience to find you through search engines.

I hope the reasons are crystal clear enough for you to decide to get a website and publish your blog posts. If they are not enough, what reason would make you get one?




    1. So true, Dr. Basu. Content writing requires a set of different of skills from blogging without the audience (potential buyers/customers – new and old). Blogging is addressed also to a set of audience but it stops at that point of sending the message.


  1. I would think that, especially for those trying to break into content writing, a blog would be imperative. As you said, it showcases writing ability and displays the voice the content would be represented by.


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