How 6 Simple Skills Help with Content Writing

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Simple skills are what encourage us to be better. With writing, for example, it begins with tracing words on a sheet of paper, transforming them into thoughts, and eventually telling stories in words.

Growing up, I was so fascinated with writing and drawing.  Circumstances in my life, as a child, made me forget about drawing later on.

During adolescence, I got more interested in writing. I focused and competed in several writing contests. With thoughts of success in the future, I worked myself hard into learning more about writing and competing to earn recognition and awards.

I wrote a lot during secondary school. I dreamt of being a journalist someday.  ‘Who is going to stop me?’ That was the concrete mindset I had those days.

Again, circumstances changed completely after high school.  I needed to veer away from my dream.  I did not pursue journalism and instead took an engineering course. They were popular courses in those days.

Fast forward, I practiced my engineering profession for more than a decade and later landed a job that involves a lot of writing, too. And while I am at it, I was writing contents for some websites (yes, of course) as the sideline.  I needed to earn that extra moolah.


All my dreams and experiences led me to be a content writer. I believe as the comforting line says, “All things work together for good.”

Six simple skills help me with content writing:

  • Writing in different styles.

If you ask me what my favorite writing style is, it would always be narrative. I love telling stories. Content writing is more about telling stories that persuade.  I believe that all of the writing styles will help so, it helps to try the different writing styles.

  • Understanding what an audience is.

Knowing my audience, as a content writer, helps me to write with them in mind.  The best way to address their interests is to write what is relevant to them. I assure you it is not an easy feat but would bring you success as a content writer if you master the art of knowing your audience.

  • Trying hard to be original.

Plagiarism is always a controversial issue, so it is best to be extra careful in citing sources, and paraphrasing sentences, and using quotes.  Using a plagiarism checker is a way to be sure that what you have written is not appearing anywhere on the web.

  • Learning about SEO and WordPress basics.

There are a lot of things to learn to be a content writer. They include knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and WordPress basics. SEO tools help in optimizing a website’s visibility in search engines. WordPress, on the other hand, is a platform for websites that is easy to use, very flexible, and adaptable (especially with paid plans).

  • Educating self with the technology behind social media.

Social media is a tool to spread the word fast.  In this day and age, the use of social media helps a lot in connecting and linking with other individuals and groups in my niche. As a content writer, social media can help you facilitate the method of reaching a particular audience.

  • Being patient with research.

Research is a daunting task, and it requires not only patience but also a skill. As a content writer, I need to be motivated to do it, and you should, too, if you aspire to be one.

It is not a simple task because what you have to research is not about how you think of the world, but how your audience thinks.

I know. They are not that simple. Let me say embrace the work to make it simple!


  1. I’d like to improve my skills in all of those areas!! Particularly, writing to persuade. But I can see how they would all help with content writing.


  2. I’ve always struggled with coming up with content to write about on my blog. Thanks for sharing your helpful advice.


    1. Hi, Leslie! You are not alone. I like to believe we all do. The good news is, there are ways we can work around with that concern. Focus is one ingredient.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Hi, Bing. Wow, you’ve certainly come a long way in life. In school, I enjoyed writing the best. I used to excel in creative writing classes. I gave it up to pursue a “realistic” career post high school and studied Biology/Nursing. Funny thing is I’m not a nurse. After my first year as a Nurses’s assistant, I decided it was not for me. I’m queasy at the site of injuries.

    When I become a mom and started online, writing came back to me. People actually wanted what I wrote. I’m still pursuing it to an extent and veered off into Virtual assisting, but with this #blogboost challenge, I’m revisiting my writing for fun instead of business.

    A couple of people to follow (if you aren’t already):
    Kim Garst for Social Media
    Elna Cain for freelance writing
    Susan Velez for WordPress
    SEO – Google has a free course on it.

    Good luck on your goal to leave the 9 to 5.


    1. Hi, Susan! So nice of you to share your thoughts here. Life is full of irony, isn’t it? It all boils down to our perspective in life, I guess. How we adapt to the challenges is what matters. 🙂

      Thank you for those list of people to follow. Ignited the motivation more. Appreciate it a lot.


  4. All great advice. My first writing love is fiction, but when trying to make more of my Noner Says blog I need to work on content writing style.


  5. It’s so exciting to read about the lives of other bloggers. While I’m not a writer, I started my blog mainly for product reviews and quickly grew into a variety of categories. My goal some day is to compile my poems along with some of my mom’s in a book. The other thing I’m kicking around is writing a cookbook with my granddaughter. I love coming up with healthy and inexpensive meals. Good luck on the challenge!


    1. I have once written poems and I even have a blog for them. I don’t know what happened and the inspiration went away. 😦 The cookbook of healthy and inexpensive meals is a great idea!


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