Excellent Ways to Craft Your Headlines Quickly

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Today I wanted to share what I learned from a course about strategies for content.  There’s a part of the training that mentions getting the audience’s attention through headlines.

True enough, headlines capture your audience’s attention. You cannot start writing your content or blog post without crafting the headline first.

But the most important thing to remember is the audience that will have to read your headline. It’s always the audience, of course. How can you write something that will not interest the audience, or is not appropriate to the audience?

“It’s not easy!” I hear you exclaiming again. I am listening, don’t you worry. Read on to learn.

Your content needs to have a headline that works. But as you say, it is not easy. Sometimes the mind has a mind of its own, says an old saying. It’s just not cooperating, and you have a deadline to meet, or you are too busy you need to get things done real quick.

You might want to follow Dave Feldman’s tips on how to write headlines. It is a relevant infographic that suggests ingenious ways to write headlines. It’s a masterpiece.

But wait, you are in a hurry. Instead of thinking very hard following those suggestions (which is 26 in all but you have to strain mentally to find words) to craft a headline, why not try the following tips below?


Sonia Simone from Copyblogger does not find the word steal pretty, that is why I will use the word borrow. The essence of her script is, in effect, adopting something from another source.

So where do you borrow?

From magazines

This is one of Sonia’s smart ideas on how to craft your headline. You can browse physical magazines, or you can check online magazines. Whatever is available. I just checked an online local Cosmopolitan magazine. Here is one of those headlines today:

20 Local and Eco-friendly Beauty Brands You Need to Check Out

You can borrow this headline and create another:

20 Local and Top Notch Content Writers You Need to Check Out

You will not use the exact idea. You will have to borrow the headline and use it for whatever you have in mind. As you write your content, you can modify the initial headline to get the exact concept you like.

From Social Media

Let’s take an example from Facebook:

Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

You can try tweaking, then change it as you supply your content with ideas:

Advance Content Writing Course: From Beginner to Pro

From advertisements

Here’s a line from Globe, a local telecommunications provider:

Be a Hero Through the Force Within

Why not use it and create something like:

Be the Content Writer Your Audience Wants You to Be

These are just examples. There are other sources you can go to. You can even visit blogs and websites that get clicks and visits. You may want to see what is happening – what type of headlines get visitors engaged.


What is a faster way to generate a headline but to use a headline generator? These tools provide excellent ways to craft a headline. You will be amazed by how these tools work. You will save time or get things done faster.

If you think you are betraying yourself by not being creative because you are using these tools, you are not! These tools will get the creative juices running. They are merely suggestions, too. Like how those magazines, social media posts, and advertisements give you ideas on how to craft a headline.

Click on the titles and check how they run.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


Kickass Headline Generator


Portent Content Idea Generator


Blog Title Generator


There may be other excellent ways to craft your headline quickly.  For now, these are the two ways you can do it to save time and to save you from mental strain.

These tools may not be the absolute method for some but go and try it and find how it improves your audience engagement.

Chao for now.


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