How Soft Skills Boost the Quality of Content

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Do not panic if this is your first time to hear the phrase soft skills.  You are not alone.

Industrial organizations recognized the importance of soft skills many, many years ago during the 1900s, when the age of machinery came. People need to communicate and coordinate to complete work. Other than the technical skills, interpersonal skills became necessary. I stumbled upon this blog and learned about the history of soft skills.

Before you contend that ‘soft skills’ are not skills, Collins English Dictionary has these word form definitions for skills:

  1. countable noun

skill is a type of work or activity which requires special training and knowledge.

⇒ Most of us will know someone who is always learning new skills, or studying new fields.

  1. uncount nouns

Skill is the knowledge and ability that enables you to do something well. [+ of]

⇒ The cut of a diamond depends on the skill of its craftsman.

Then hard skills and soft skills are born. Both are skills. Isn’t it a wonder to know?

I learned from an online course that finding the right business depends on one’s skills. I didn’t think skills are more important than money because from what I know, money is what I need to find the right business for me. Of course, I was wrong.

Soft skills also play an important role in our everyday lives. Very much so, it is significant when you have a business. How about if you are a content writer? How can this set of skills improve your writing? How can it boost the quality of your content?

Wikipedia explained that soft skills are a combination of skills and attributes. Check this out.

Soft Skills = People Skills + Social Skills + Personal Career Attributes

People skills include a person’s ability to listen, the knack to communicate clearly, to connect to people accordingly, to empathize with other people, and even to work with other people.

Social skills, on the other hand, include a person’s ability to communicate and interact, verbally or non-verbally, using gestures, body language, and physical looks.

Personal career attributes include behavioral and personality traits that vary from person to person.

Without our soft skills, it would be difficult to do hard skills (technical skills) as effective as they are required.

You have to learn about Van Lith and the others who are great resources about soft skills.

Now it’s time to know how you can adapt some soft skills to boost the quality of your content.

Communication Skills

  • Honing your written and verbal communication skills helps a lot in writing your content beautifully. As the experts say, constant practice makes almost perfect.
  • When you know how to communicate effectively with people, it will not be difficult to get information, put them to good use for your content.
  • Having a clear set of communication skills, you can present information in a way that you meet your reader’s expectations.

Collaboration Skills

  • Being able to work with other people with a common goal to write good content will help you in your profession.
  • You cannot have quality work without collaborating with others if you write content with a group or a team.

Adaptability Skills

  • Changes are inevitable. How are you going to craft good content when you cannot find solutions when things didn’t go as planned?
  • You will need to take courses to adapt to the fast pace of business and technology. Preparations will help you to be more adaptable to the changing times.

Problem Solving Skills

  • Like changes, problems arise. It can be anything – a complaint from a client about content, late delivery, or not meeting deadlines. These will all affect how you write your content. You have to be ready and face any problem that can arise while you’re in the middle of crafting your content.
  • Your ability to solve a problem fast without complaining will help you focus on writing. Your content will suffer by doing the opposite.

Observation Skills

  • It pays to be a critical observer. Being able to analyze data, information, trends, and the like will help you craft content that has quality and is competitive.

Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Being able to resolve conflict with anyone will give you peace of mind.
  • Whatever conflict that involves your work as a content writer, you have to solve it first. How can you write quality content when things are not well, or when there are things that bother you?

Leadership Skills

  • Leadership does not have to do with your position in a group or organization.
  • Leadership is about your ability to lead, inspire, and help others bring out their potential. Watch how this skill helps you write quality content.

No one is without soft skills.  They take time to develop but they can be achieved.  Think of how the quality of your content improves with these skills.


  1. Great post Bing! I never thought of these as soft skills, but I see what you mean when you say we need soft skills so hard skills won’t be so difficult. I do have soft skills!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, Martha. I knew them as interpersonal skills which refers to the ability to effectively communicate or coordinate. Soft skills are more than the aspect of communication.


  2. Excellent point! As I think about what you’ve said, I can easily understand how important those soft skills are. Hadn’t really thought much about them before, but I will now. Thx!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very interesting. WOW! soft skills! As an introverted individual, I guess I can say I have soft skills! I work and try to work with others without saying a word as much as possible- I do and speak less! I hope I am understanding fully what soft skills are. I saw the picture of the assembly line and each person on that line communicates with the person on each side by doing their job correctly and not saying a word in between and completing a task perfectly in the end, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Pam. Thank you for the input. I guess, as long as there is communication, in whatever form, and they are effective and delivers what is needed, they can be considered soft skills.


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