Free Stock Photos: How to Get Your Audience’s Attention

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There are two matters to discuss in this post – free stock photos and getting the audience’s attention. The goal is to solve a problem – where to find FREE stock photos that will support written content.

Let’s say that your concept focuses around the word FIND and we have the photo below. Does it convey the needed action FIND?

Do you think it will get your audience’s attention? Does it convey the needed action, which is FIND? What do you think your audience expects from the photo that supports a content that revolves around the FIND idea?

It may seem that the two individuals in the photo are finding something in a spacious area. They may appear they are simply walking, or talking, or even standing while talking. It could mean a lot. The photo conveys not only one idea, and the message can be subjective. Do you think it is perfect for the word FIND?

When writing your content and you need to support it with a photo or image, everything should follow. Your content from the headline, down to the ending should have focus, especially your photo.

How do you get your audience’s attention with your chosen photo? Again, remember your niche and your audience. They would expect to benefit from everything in your content.


  • Choose a photo that appeals to the audience’s emotions. Your photo helps the entire content in engaging the audience, or getting them to read on, or driving them to buy your product and service.
  • Choose a photo that tells about your brand, or your story, or the history of your company. They may not be actual photos that relate to you. It has to be something that speaks about your brand.
  • Choose a photo that complements your brand. Your photo enhances what you can do for your audience. It magnifies your capabilities to get a job done.
  • Choose a photo that represents your brand. Your photo embodies the person behind the product or service.
  • Choose a photo of quality. Your photo shows you can complete and deliver good service.

Your content should have these basic requirements – focus, development, audience awareness, organization, and correctness. Photos may seem to be just add-ons but, surprisingly, they can also boost your content.



Pexels has a collection of free stock photos. Explore the website by typing a word (a noun or a verb). You can try phrases, too. By clicking the search icon, Pexels will give you a collection of free and sponsored photos.

Below is a photo of a binocular that connects it to the idea FIND. It is not a literal representation, but it’s an instrument used to look for or find things. The application may vary on the idea or concept of a particular brand.


Unsplash is also a source of free high-resolution photos.  Like Pexels, you can also explore the website by typing a word or phrase in the search form. The images are free. You can give credit to the owner by a mention or an embed on your blog or website.

Again, I searched for binoculars.  Here is another photo for the word FIND.

Photo by Chase Clark on Unsplash


Canva is a website with a collection of free stock photos from different sources (like Pexels, for example), and creators. Type a word or a phrase on the search form and a collection of photos will appear. 

You have to choose free from a drop down menu to access the free photos.  There is a description for each photo. You will be asked to sign up or log in first once you click download. Like Unsplash, you are asked to give credit to the owner by a mention or an embed on your blog or website.

Photo by Francis Seura


Burst by Shopify is also a website with a collection of high-resolution photos you can use for your website or commercial use.  You will be asked first to subscribe.  You can choose to unsubscribe later.


Pixabay is a collection of stunning free images and royalty-free stock photos.  You type a word or phrase in the search form to get your photos, but first, you have to sign up. You can download photos.  There is no attribution needed, but you can link back to show appreciation.

How do you find all these photos using the same idea FIND where I chose binoculars during research? The images project different messages, do they? All these photos can capture attention, but their use depends on the type of content you have.

And speaking of photos, you might need to read some helpful tips about using images for your websites or blog posts from the internet

Check how your readers and audience take interest using the right photos or images for your content. Take your content to another level.

And yes, you can choose your collection of photos!  That would be better.


  1. I’ve always used my on photos and didn’t even know about all these sites. I’ll be checking them out! Thanks for sharing.


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