How Do You Write a Remarkable and Unique Content?

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You have no choice.  A content writer has to write a remarkable and unique content.  It’s something you cannot avoid doing.

You have started to step to the next level of audience engagement development. In the old days, you need to promote your product or service face-to-face.  Solo entrepreneurs, small and big businesses can do it now with their online web content.

As a newbie, there is a reason to worry about writing remarkable and unique content. The good news is you can do something about it because the internet is very generous. 

How to do it is a million-dollar question.  There are already a lot of how-tos and guides on the World Wide Web about it.  Do you have what it takes?

You have to focus and remember these pointers:

Remind self that readers of print content and web content are different.

Visitors of your website searching for a product or service will not spend time reading an entire blog post.  Reading a printed copy is different because a reader reads everything word for word.

A visitor to a website usually scans a web page following the F-shaped pattern for reading web content.  He reads the first horizontal line on top of the page then goes to the second line a bit further down. He completes the action by scanning the left side.

Are you confused? It’s a hint about your readers.  So remember what to write on those parts of your piece next time.  You will surely capture their attention.

Remind self that you are not submitting a creative piece for school.

By now, you should have realized that your abilities in writing are equivalent to being creative.   You do not have to use the pretentious and highfalutin words that nobody understands. Only a few will do, but you wouldn’t want a few.

You have to sound natural.  You would need to mention technical stuff, as required, but you need to engage with your words. You can only do that by using simple and familiar words for your content.

As mentioned, your website visitors will only scan.  Write your content as concise as possible with a maximum of four (4) sentences in a paragraph, an average of twelve (12) words in a sentence, and using the second person YOU.

Remind self that there are two challenges to meet.

Neil Patel said there are two challenges in writing content for the web.   The first challenge is always the most difficult – writing content for search engine optimization.  The second challenge will be writing content that appeals to your visitors or your audience.  It is a combination of the two.

You will need to gain enough knowledge about SEO to be able to write remarkable and unique content. You do this with your audience in mind.  You will probably be able to engage potential customers or clients from organic searches.

Do you think all these are attainable? 

It is not impossible to master any of the skills.  Remember they did it so you can do it!


  1. I’m definitely guilty of the scan. However, I frequently go back to the top and read it all.

    I know I’ve had to learn to cut down the word count in my blog posts.

    Great information, as usual.


    1. Hi, Lilian! Thanks.

      I think all you need to do is to limit your words in a paragraph, not the entire post. The goal is to lessen the pressure a reader has in reading a long paragraph. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great information and I know what you mean about scanning a webpage. I do that often when I’m on a site searching for something in particular.


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