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Have you ever imagined that your writing schedule will be so full that you realized you need a time management tool?

Then you dilly-dally amid everything. You need to break those bad habits.

This time I will share my bad habits for you to reflect on yours and eventually do something about them. Here are my observations about my time management:

  • I sometimes fail to be on top of everything when I am up against the wall.
  • I tend to get busy with being busy and not being productive.
  • I lack concentration. I have too many things in my mind.
  • I fail at saying ‘no’ most of the time.
  • I delay taking care of the little things.

Have you ever evaluated your time management? What do you plan to do with these concerns? How do you address them?

If you have the same list of observations about time management, it is time to address them:

  • When it seems that you are up against the wall, strive to stay on top by checking all of the things that overwhelm you. You have to be in charge. Take time to stop and take a deep breath. Assess the situation and act on it immediately.
  • Focus on one thing at a time. You cannot finish anything by trying to do everything simultaneously. You have to concentrate on doing one thing after another.
  • If you tend to say ‘yes’ all the time, then you are doomed. Even superheroes have limitations. You need to prioritize those that need immediate attention.
  • Assign a day for each of the little things that you need to do. Do not let them pile up and become a bigger problem.

The list above is not a new thing. It’s probably a tiresome list for you. But sometimes, you and I need a refresher to assess situations and get on with the tasks ahead.

Trello: A Time Management Tool You Can Try

Trello is a task and project management tool. It’s also a time management tool where you can set time schedules and deadlines. The neat management tool uses cards to put in the details, and you can copy and move them to another card. You can also watch the details if that is what you only need to do.

I have To Do, Doing, and Done cards for my current tasks. You can add more if you like, which depends on the things you need to do. If you have a team, you can add cards assigned to each team member with various tasks.

You place all these projects or activities on separate boards. You can share your board with another member, let’s say a team member in your project. Both of you can see the listed activities and schedules.

There are other cool things you can do with Trello. I have enjoyed the experience because the time management tool was helpful. If you are interested, it’s a free tool. All the free things are good.


  1. yes, I am dilly dallying right now here on facebook instead of getting my next post together for the #blogboost challenge.
    Maybe I will look at Trello next month.
    Blog on !


  2. Sadly, I am really bad/good at dillydallying. But I never thought that I would need an app for time management. I was writing before there were apps., or the internet, or computers, or telephones . . . well lets not get carried away here, I am not that old. But seriously, thanks for the tips and I will try to implement them and thanks for the app. I may try it. Have a wonderful day, Bing Doug


    1. Hi, Doug! Nice to see you here! Been busy lately that’s why the post. Glad you appreciated the tips. There are other nice time management tools, too, that you can check.


  3. I’ve spent the last five and a half years focusing only on my mental health recovery, so, very little else has had my attention. Now that I’m working on job readiness and getting serious about my writing, I’m finding that I have very few time management and organizational skills for getting the things done. This might be a tool I can incorporate.


    1. Hey, Lillian. I was about to hit the bed but I thought of greeting you and tell you that Trello is just one of the many time management tools. But I love Trello as I’ve been using it for a time now.

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  4. At work, AI always follow Stephen Covey’s Time management quadrants — O think I am good in organizing my tasks…. but funny enough, its the opposite when it comes to my personal life.. its always hard to wake up to do the chores or to excercise.. lol.


    1. Hi! You are not alone! ha ha makes me wonder at times. Perhaps it is because we think that we can always have time with our personal activities – delaying them to get back to them and end up not being able to do them! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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