Why Potential Customers Will Change Your Life as a Content Writer

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“That’s absurd,” goes one skeptic.

J.K. Rowling had it saying we can claim anything is real if the basis is nobody proved something doesn’t exist.

But it’s real. Your potential customers will change your life as a content writer. The questions that will possibly ensue are why and how.

As a content writer, you are also an entrepreneur. Even alone, or with a group that comprises a business firm, you undertake an important project, an enterprise, as what others propose.

With a business, as I have mentioned here, you should work on determining who your audience is. When we talk about the audience, it includes your potential clients/customers. Of course, it includes new and active clients, but it’s a discussion that deserves another post.

Your potential clients/customers are your gems. You have to treat them as such, like precious or prized stones that require special attention. You need to sit down and profile them.

By drawing a profile, you will be able to describe and analyze a persona. How do you do that? That would be a challenge because you do not have an idea who that physical person is yet.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

This is where you employ your research skills. You research where your audience goes to socialize, what their disappointments are, or what problems they have. Anything to get them to know better is vital to the profile you are creating.

Perhaps you do not notice but when you started profiling, your life, too, is changing. Your audience or your potential customer starts to transform your vision as you write. Your focus is on what he or she thinks or feels. You center on what content is preferable for this type of persona.

As you gather information about your potential customers, you find it easy to craft content that they will appreciate. Not only that, excellent content brings you more potential customers through clicks and shares.

Now, the change continues with more clicks and shares. That will mean more content to write that will keep you busy and earn you money. Not that you are doing it for money alone but because you understand what your potential customers/client wants or needs.

Your potential customers/clients will drive you to be good at research because that is what it takes to serve them better. You will learn what you need to research, where to find the tools to facilitate research, and what other content writers are doing. You excel in being resourceful!

The best transformation is you become like James Bond – becoming a spy – but with the best intention of creating a mental image of your potential customers/clients and crafting content with valuable information.

You start to research what your competitors do, too. Some content writers fail at this. There are two reasons why:

  • They think they are better than any other writer with the set of writing skills they have, thinking competitors are not vital to the whole process of knowing who the potential customer/client is.
  • They are not aware of this aspect, failing to learn that what competitors do is crucial to setting goals.

Have you realized now why your potential customers/clients will change your life as a content writer? Not without a good cause, by the way. They will be loyal customers/clients in the end once you convert them into one.


  1. I love this. And I really agree. The community that one builds around their blog really changes who they are. The impact is considerably noticeable.


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