Hearing the Noise and Dealing With It When Writing Content

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There are effective ways to deal with noise as you write your content.

You do not want to be interrupted, I understand. But noises are persistent even if the Greek philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer regards it as the most impertinent of all forms of interruption.

Even if you do find these noises relentless, they exist, and sometimes refuse to go.

Unfortunately, they are more noticeable when writing content or any form of written communication.  Interactive forms of communication allow you to dispel noises better than with written communication. You can immediately tell anyone to shut up when they disrupt the flow of your thoughts, right?

Are you puzzled by what I am babbling about the noise?  For most of us, noise is all that loud, unpleasant sounds.  Partly true, but I learned other types of noise could also affect your focus when writing content.

I will be sharing the types of noise and how to deal with them effectively when you write your content.


We all know that writing content is a vital job, and as a content writer, you have to convey and share information effectively.  The quality of your content depends on how you deal with the noises around.

Let’s check some definitions appropriate to the meaning of noise in this context:

From Business Dictionary, noise is anything that interferes with, slows down, or reduces the clarity or accuracy of communication.  The definition also mentioned that superfluous data or words in a message are noise because they detract from its meaning.  

Superfluous in the sentence above means unnecessary.  Anything unnecessary in any shared communication distorts the meaning you want to convey.

Did you recognize the noise in the above example?

Let’s go to another meaning.

From Vocabulary.com, noise is any sound that people don’t like, like the noise of traffic or a barking dog.     

You recognized noise immediately in the situation above, didn’t you?

To further learn about the types of noises, let’s check the following.


These are noises from the environment, also defined as environmental noises that interfere with or disrupt the thought process.  These noises break the flow of thoughts or ideas as you write your content.

Examples of physical or environmental noise are barking dogs, rumbling thunder, chattering jackhammer, crying baby, loud conversations, etc.


Pause from writing. Check what you can do with the situation.  Wait for the noise to end before you resume writing.

If you have a deadline to meet, look for a room where you hear less of the noise, and you can continue writing.

If there is no available room where you can continue writing, leave, and find a place where you can focus on writing. You cannot afford to create a haphazard piece of content.


These are noises that affect your feeling and thinking. From the word physiology, these noises have something to do with how your body parts react or function. If you are hungry, for example, this becomes a noise or a distraction.  How can you effectively write when you are hungry?

Examples of these are fatigue, headaches, eye impairment, muscle cramps or pains, etc.


Do not force yourself to write when you are not feeling well.  Attend first to what your body is telling you.  Give attention to the persistence of pains and aches.

Be sure not to ignore early episodes of headaches or blurry visions or signs of carpal tunnel.  Your prompt action can help you avoid complications that can cause your inability to write.


These are noises that affect or deal with the mind, involving your feelings, attitudes, motivations, and awareness that affect how you write and interpret the things that you see, hear, or feel.

photo from pexels

Examples are bias or prejudice, happiness, loneliness, anger, open-mindedness, patience, etc.


Avoid being distracted by how you feel at the moment, particularly if you have a problem. This situation will not help you write compelling content. 

Even feelings of happiness can interfere with your writing tasks. Take control and prioritize.  There will always be time to celebrate.

Focus and do not let feelings of prejudice or hatred overcome you at the moment.  You will never achieve your goals for your content and instead write something that reflects your inner state.

Be in control of your feelings and attitudes towards situations.  Be inspired to write fascinating content instead.


These are noises that result from the use and understanding of words.

Examples of these noises are incorrect grammar, jargon, abstract ideas, a different understanding of words (because of various vocabularies, principal languages or dialect, and culture), or varying interpretations of words.

photo from pexels


Make your writing more precise. Ensure that you write words that can be easily understood. 

Remember, one of your goals is to convert your audience.  It would be beneficial for you and your reader if you have a mutual understanding of the message.

Avoid jargon, or words that are unnecessarily technical or highfalutin that only you can understand.

Use strong but specific words.  You cannot win a reader if the message is not clear.

Do not let any of these noises interfere with your goals as a content writer. No matter how loud they become, or how annoying. Hang that invisible ‘DON’T DISTURB’ plate in your mind.


  1. I get SO distracted from the outside noises around me. Because my office desk is in an open area, I tend to lose focus, especially when I’m trying to write a blog post. I’m going to take some of your advice and really drill down on what distracts me and work on it. I seriously need to considering I’m going to be writing all month!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I get easily distracted. Most of the time I write during the night when everybody in the house is doing his or her own business. Here’s to our success in completing the challenge!


  2. As I write I prefer to write first thing in the morning before the sun comes up- therefore everyone is asleep no cars are going by…..it’s very quiet and sedate if you will and I can get into my grove! The voices in my own head are move inviting as well, they are not negative and let me write. I do use headphones otherwise though…..


    1. Hi, Pamela! I wish I can do that. 🙂 But there are other house chores that need to be prioritized. I agree that early mornings are conducive to writing, but I just can’t.


  3. I will sometimes resort to noise-canceling headphones to help with the physical noises that might be going on around me. If things get real bad, I will play some instrumental music as well to help drown out / block the noises.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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