Analyzing Competition Helps You Write Fascinating Content

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Use research on your competitors as writing material.

Competition makes the world of business interesting.  Without it, commerce will not thrive.  It will leave consumers with no choice.

As a content writer, you are also in business, and you are also a stakeholder.  Given this premise, you are also in competition with other content writers.

It will be good that all content writers cooperate and not work against each other.  However, nothing is perfect in this world, and business is business.  There will be people who will not join the cause of supporting each other and will treat everybody as a rival.

How then are you going to use information about your competitor as your next content?

Four things describe good content.  Number one, it has to benefit your audience. Two, it has to be fascinating.  Three, it is audience-friendly and four, it is irresistible enough to keep the audience from leaving.

Think of the valuable information about your direct competition (those that offer the same product or service) and how you can brainstorm ideas for your content. If you can get around obtaining relevant information, imagine the gem of content you can write. 

For example, information about pricing strategies, after checking on your competitor’s, can help you come up with a content that tackles how cut-price products and services can benefit the customers.

Or you can write about answers to their customers’ particular problems, after learning dissatisfaction and complaints. 

Some are classified information that will be difficult to find, but these types of information, especially if they could help the customers in any way, will fascinate the audience.

You can check what content in their website is successful in inviting audiences.  From there, you can employ their techniques to write better content.

It may sound like you are a copycat by doing these things. You are not, and you are not allowed to be, as a content writer. You can analyze your competition and write your content, but you always have to be original.


  1. Whether it be in writing or in our business, I’ve never anylized others, I just do my own thing they way I think it will work


    1. HI, Martha. I had the same thoughts before about doing business. More like ‘mind your own business’ thing. The marketing strategies have evolved into something about cooperation – making friends with competitors, sharing ideas, wisdom and knowledge with them, and analyzing how they do their business.


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