Finding Your Niche Through Keyword Research Tools

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There is a brilliant way to find a niche.

I once told you about Marcela trying to find her niche.  The story describes a simple process of finding a niche.  It is more like self-evaluation than anything else, and it looked easy.

There is a brilliant way of finding your niche, and it is through the use of keyword research tools.   Not to take for granted the process Marcela went through, you start with that process and continue using keyword research tools.

I guess you know what a keyword is.  From the two combined words, key and word, you get a hint.

From, referring to Digital Technology, a keyword is a word used to classify or organize digital content, or to facilitate an online search for information.

Other than finding a niche, you use keywords to find or retrieve information, to drive traffic to your website, and to monetize your blog.

But I digress.

Let’s go back to finding a niche using a keyword research tool.  There are many of these tools you can find on the internet.  Some of them are free, and some of them are not. You have to figure out which of these tools work best for your goals.

Decide What Your Blog/Website Will Be All About

When I started my blog in 2004, I did not have a plan. It was not a blog for business, and it was like a daily journal that contains my everyday life, thoughts, ideas, rants, etc.  The goal is to inspire.

That’s okay.  Not everybody is into a business.  I do not have an intention that befits a business goal.

You have to do better than my previous self.  You need to be a niche player.  Even if all that you want is an online journal, not an informational website, you will benefit from sticking to a niche.  You would want people to find your blog or website because you need to connect. If this is not true, it’s better to set your blog or website as private.

On the other hand, if you wanted to put up a blog or website to promote a product or service, you would need to think carefully about your niche.

Choose a Keyword Research Tool to Find Your Niche

As I have mentioned, there are many available keyword research tools you can find on the internet.  There is an engaging content from Ahref’s Head of Content Joshua Hardwick you may want to visit.  It’s about free keyword research tools you can choose for your planned niche.

Anything that is free is good, right?

Find Your Keywords Using the Keyword Research Tool You Chose

Most of these keyword research tools have query boxes, and all you need to do is type your keyword.  The research tool will deliver the results in a jiffy.

You start by analyzing the search queries.  If you wanted more specific results, look for the related keywords.  After that, look for the traffic or search volume each keyword results receive. You need to write down your interpretation of the results.

By doing this process, you will find a more specific keyword from the initial keyword you had in mind.  You can now decide what would be the niche for your blog or website.

Remember that each keyword research tool has its design, layout, and features you can try.  Be not afraid, but be very careful in your interpretations. 


    1. HI, Paul. Among the list, I prefer Answer the Public. It’s a very interesting search tool. I like how they suggest the results with questions, lists, comparisons, prepositions, alphabetical lists, and related searches. With the free account, the search is limited.

      Admittedly, I haven’t tried paid services. Because you know, I have just started this endeavor.

      Your comment inspired me to write another post that relates to this post. Thanks, Paul!


  1. I started my blog in 2014 and my ‘niche’ is similar to yours – everyday life, thoughts, food and of course my grandbabies! I think my blog would be boring if I just wrote about one thing, I need variety. LOL


    1. Hi, Martha. Boring is subjective, methinks.

      Your blog has categories, mine was random most of the time. It was like a diary of sorts. Funny, I remember having to meet a lot of beautiful bloggers around the world with that blog. After some time, I stopped, because of some reasons.


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