Who Else Wants to Find Another Job?

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Why not find a content writing job?

There’s a story about you.

You started as very eager and enthusiastic to get a job. You are promising, and the employer was impressed. They gave the job to you. You started your first day with a smile.

You thought about not being unemployed anymore. That made you happy and proud. Why? You already have a job.

A company decided to trust you. You know that trust is a factor employers consider when hiring people. It made you feel good.

After several years with the company, you wanted to leave your job. You wanted to try your luck in another organization, or in another field. As a person who likes to pursue improvement and further learning, it was inevitable for you to leave.

Why do you need to find another job?


The number one reason you want to leave and find another job is the lack of salary increases even after years of service. Isn’t it that one of the indicators that management recognizes your hard work is a salary increase apart from awards or recognition? The company failed big time.


You just want to follow your career path. You cannot be tied up to an organization where other viable and promising opportunities await.


You feel very frustrated with the incompetence of some people around you. You realized that you have wasted time giving assistance for nothing, that your superiors failed you big time, that they simply do not care about your growth and welfare.


You have co-workers that are not friendly. They are unreasonable, unprofessional, sarcastic, and uncooperative. Most of them are hard to deal with. You find it difficult to work with them and deliver good results. Why would you stay if you are not happy anymore? You even start to doubt if there is a problem with you.

You are crippled by the idea that as an individual your choices in life are becoming scarce. You fear that you might not be able to find another promising job than the previous one because of age despite the skills. You think that opportunities are lesser as against the number of job seekers.

The good thing is you’re wrong. There are other opportunities that you can try your skills and expertise. Go and find them!

It doesn’t need to be content writing. But if you want to consider, here is an overview:

Various content writing jobs are available. A content writer’s primary job is to write a compelling piece. The word compelling has different meanings for each type of content. An important thing to remember is – they have to be fascinating to keep the audience read on until the end.

If you have the flair, why not try looking for jobs that require you to write any of the following?

  • blog posts
  • social media content
  • product/service descriptions
  • white papers
  • sales copy
  • e-book
  • infographic
  • ezines

It might help to know the difference between the following jobs:

  • Copywriter – writes content that intends to persuade the audience to take action (buy or share a product/service).
  • Content marketer – writes content for marketing campaigns that are search engine optimized.
  • Content writer – writes content for a specific set of audience.

Are you interested?


  1. I was lucky and when I started my interior decorating business it was a dream come true and something I loved. Fast forward 52 years later when last October we closed our doors but we’re still working but at a much slower pace. When you love your line of work, it’s hard to call it a job.


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