Janette Toral: An Inspiration

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My hero is a Filipina woman named the mother of e-commerce law in the Philippines.

This post is a rehash. I am sharing this to you as a source of inspiration.

Janette Toral is a fellow Filipina blogger. I have known her virtually for many years, and she is an inspiration. As to whether she will be a passive or active inspiration for me, only time can tell. What I know is she has done a lot for the blogging community.

Janette Toral is known for many bynames: blogger, specialist to several fields (e-commerce, social media, internet marketing), entrepreneur, lobbyist, educator, researcher, writer, community leader, and a lot more.

I admire her for being true to her advocacy. She does things with a firm resolution and purpose. Her intention to help is very transparent, and she does it with integrity. It is not very often to see role models like her.

If you want to know more about her, Google can help.


  1. Hi, Bing.
    Wow, I did a Google search and she has certainly done a lot of great things people in the Philipines.
    What a great opportunity for people to learn and grow into bloggers and entrepreneurs as well as support the economic grow of their country.

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    1. Hi! It was actually intentional not to put the link here because Google will provide a lot of the things she had accomplished. I was hoping everybody will Google her upon reading the post because it’s the living proof why she is an inspiration not only to me but to many. 🙂

      Here’s a link: http://janettetoral.com/


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