Meeting People Thru Blogs is Also Fun

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A blog is a fun way to connect with other bloggers!

Even with my first blog, which was a personal blog, and now defunct, meeting and connecting with bloggers all over the world, reading and listening to what they have to say about topics, ideas, news, stories, rants, etc. is what makes it fun!

Of course, not every person you meet has the same mindset, and you look at it as a challenge, or to be in harmony with the world.

And although some others have contrasting views about your beliefs, ideas, and opinions, you use them to check what you have and to ponder if you are on the right track. You consider what you can or might have improved.


There is a funny quote that Albert Einstein said:

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Blogging teaches us not to judge carelessly. A blogger creates a blog according to his or her goal, whatever that goal is. The elements of a particular blog may not be according to what we think is right, but we have to respect each other’s space in the world wide web.

What is essential is to find something that could benefit you when you stumble upon a blog. If you didn’t find anything interesting or useful, you always have a choice. You can keep it to yourself whatever it is you find wrong or suggest ways that could be of help.

Wouldn’t it be fun to give your two cents if needed? Wouldn’t it be fun to receive, on the other hand, constructive criticism?

It’s fun, too, to get the little nuggets of wisdom as we come across or as we scour these weblogs. Some blogs are informational, some are inspirational, some are rich, and some are truly interesting.

Indeed, the best thing about blogging is to discover the jewels among the pile. It is always a joy to stumble upon treasures and gems across the web.

Note: This is a rehash.


  1. I agree, meeting bloggers is so fun and insightful. Personally, I have really enjoyed connecting with you and all of the other bloggers, especially with this blogging challenge. There’s a saying I particularly enjoy it goes something like “What a dull and boring world would it be if we all just followed things blindlessly without questioning.” -Anonymous. Having opposing views is what opens the doors for new conversations and can be a great way to find ways to meet in the middle. When we learn to have an open mind we can also learn from a new perspective. It is truly beautiful.


    1. That is one beautiful quote, Crystal. Like you, I believe that each of us needs to have an open mind reading and listening to other bloggers. it’s both beneficial and rewarding to learn even if we do not agree at some points.


  2. so truly agree with your post’s title and everything you have written in it too. I have met and made so many friends through blogging (well, not in real life yet, though that would be fun too!)… and each blogger has their own value to provide is what i have realized.. each blogger writes for a reason and puts themselves out there, so i respect that first..


  3. When I started blogging it was mainly for reviews but it didn’t take long to find my niche in a variety of topics and that led to finding so many new friends through bloggin. Thanks how I found you Bing! I love it!


  4. hello again Bing,
    I’ve made it to 7 posts. Some days I will have to post a couple of times to catch up.
    This evening I was trying to get some widgets working on my wordpress site to have some follow me buttons on the sidebar. When I activate the widges, I loose the archive and nothing shows up on the sidebar.
    Blog on !


    1. oh, dear, what could’ve happened? i hope by this time, it’s already fixed. 😦 good that you were able to catch up. i am still struggling and trying to catch up. 😀 😀


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