The Future of Websites and Blogs Not Yet Seen

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Facebook people have their way of saying things. Take, for example, Success demands purpose, by Born Realist, with a video of Angelina Jolie finding her purpose and becoming successful.

That is what I see as the future of websites and blogs. With a definite purpose, they can become successful.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against anybody just wanting to write anything that comes to mind. It is okay to have a blog or a website for personal use or as a regular journal. After all, blogs evolved from weblogs, which are journals containing a ‘diary of information, specific topics, or opinions’ (see Techopedia).

What I am talking about here is the vision for all business websites and blogs. Have you imagined websites and blogs being a requirement for all types of businesses?

Have you imagined the future where businesses cannot withstand the competition in the market without a website or a blog?

Have you thought about these businesses not only occupying a web space but voluntarily giving necessary information and genuinely satisfying their customers ?

How about simplified business processes as a result of this requirement? That would be awesome. Transactions will be just a click away.

I see myself as a player in the arena of content marketing. Do you see yourself as one, too? If you do, I envision you as a content writer for a website or blog, equipped with the knowledge and skills of a content writer, or marketer, or a copywriter.

How lovely to see how the audience of your website connects with you and how you stir calls to action and at the same time providing effective web content.

Oh, well. It is, at the same time, a dangerous thought. Abuse to the web space can hurt the balance of things. Also, what would become of businesses that cannot afford a website or a blog? Chances are if this becomes a requirement, there is danger of losing business if they cannot compete.

Big, isn’t it? Do you and I still have time? Do business owners see the future of websites and blogs? God forbid that my time, and yours, and theirs, too, in this world will end soon.


  1. I feel like I have a message to share and a service to provide. I blog to connect to those ho need my help as a health and nutrition coach.


    1. Hi, Karen, Your blog provides beneficial information, guides, and inspiration for the health and nutritional needs of individuals. You are very clear with your goal.


  2. I blog as a way to stay disciplined when I don’t have a boss looking over my shoulder and scheduling my life. I guess that is my purpose for the duration of the challenge.


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