Writing Attitude Shifts: Makeover Your Mindset

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Nothing good will come out of the wrong mindset.

From yesterday’s blog post about losing your potential because of limiting beliefs, and regain them by overcoming the said limiting beliefs, we go to having a makeover of your mindset towards writing content.

You do not have to be the most intelligent or the best-educated writer to reap up the benefits of the right mindset towards writing.

Check these tips on how to makeover your mindset towards writing content:

RETHINK of writing content, not as a job, but as a service of giving value. With this mindset, you are providing valuable results, and you are helping your audience solve a problem.

ENVISION your content as an ‘anytime’ solution to your audience. Remember that your audience consists of primary, secondary, and potential customers. You find the problem, you solve the problem, for them.

REMEMBER the perks from the valuable service you give. Your audience becomes your partner. If you are good at them, they retain the connection and the relationship. They will not cut the ties but instead become longtime partners.

As you adopt these mindset makeovers, you have to hone your skills at the same time. Not probably the Jane Austen kind of writer but one who understands the art and science of writing content.

  • Your content has to attract attention and at the same time, engages.
  • Your content is not what you think your audience needs to adopt, but what they wanted to embrace. 
  • Your content provides information that makes it easy for your audience to accept your proposal.
  • Your content reflects your understanding of your audience.
  • Your content has to be simple, real, and credible.

There may be a lot more about the art and science of writing content. What is significant is to sharpen your skills, and makeover your mindset to have the right writing attitude.


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