Words You Don’t Want to Forget When Writing Content

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There are words you need to remember when writing content.

Oh, well, this is not about how to improve your memory. But if you have a technique to remember these words, it would help you a lot in writing content.

Anchor Texts

Are you familiar with clickable texts? These are high-lighted texts that open a web page when you click them. Avoid using the cliche ‘click here’ or ‘go here’. Use phrases to make these links more interesting.


Bullets are those small solid circles before a text. Break chunks of paragraphs with bullets. You can also use numbers or headers to break the monotony. Make your paragraphs attractive!

Complex Sentence

Do not write to your heart’s content not thinking about how complicated your sentences are becoming. Write for your audience. Although it is, at times, unavoidable to write complex sentences, be sure to limit and to make them simple to read.


You cannot sound like a broken record. Your audience knows what your blog is all about, and you do not need to repeat it. What your audience needs are fresh content, things that are new to their ears. Always.

F-shape Reading Pattern

Your audience scans web pages. There is a pattern of how they read your content as indicated in a post in 2005 by the Nielsen Norman Group. Apparently, there are other scanning patterns, too, other than the F-shape.

Human Voice

Write as if you’re talking or as if you’re speaking to your audience. Write simple and clear in a voice that you use when talking to someone face-to-face.


The photos that you use add a different vibe to your content. They represent your brand, too, and they help in engaging the audience. You have to be careful, however, in choosing the images that you use because they may be subject to copyright.


I had written a post about this. Plagiarism is considered a sin in writing content. It is akin to stealing. Know more about this by asking – What is Plagiarism?

Run-on Sentence

If you have a lot of ideas in mind, do not put them in one sentence. If you cannot avoid, separate them! Yes, by all means, separate them with a period, or a semi-colon, or with conjunction. Try reading your sentences and identify the concepts in a sentence, and you will find that perhaps you need to consider what you wrote.


They get it. You have a service or a product you are selling. You can up-sell but not oversell. Overselling gives your audience that creepy feeling, and you would not sound like someone with authority about the content you write.

Target Audience

Do not tell me that you write without considering your target audience? Of course, you do. Would it be better to interact with a set of audience that speaks your language, think your thoughts, and perhaps does the same things you love to do? I mean, who wouldn’t?

If it helps you in remembering, the above list is alphabetical with missing letters. I will have to figure out and update this list to complete the alphabets.

With these words, write your content with confidence. Ciao for now.


  1. What great suggestions! I am using more anchor texts and find my readers click on them more when added into my writing. Also I’m all for adding photos but I usually have enough of my own shots to use.


    1. Hi, Roy. I have to update this. NNG has a blog post about other scanning patterns. Forgot about it totally, and it says on its first lines that ‘Scanning on the web does not always take the shape of an F.’


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