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Doable Doubles: What to Double for Your Content this 2020

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It’s the year of the double, double 20, that is.

I have been thinking about what to double this year. With writing, of course. I’m afraid that it has gotten dull. What I mean is my writing. See? I am like a spin top, going round and round with no direction.

Do not be like me. Don’t.

Despite the challenges and frustrations, as a content writer, you have to continue and double the efforts. (That’s the first double you have to do.)

If you feel lazy, just let it be but not for long. You cannot be idle forever. Allow yourself to procrastinate, to dally, and even to care less. But you have to stop after a reasonable time. You have to double your action. (That’s the second double you need to do.)

Your audience is waiting. They cannot wait for you for too long. The waiting is more of your responsibility, not of your audience.

And what actions do you need to double?

Improve writing your headlines

Go back to your notes on how to write killer headlines. Do not forget that your goal is to get the first line of your content read.

Make a headline that will make your audience want to share, tweet, plus, or talk about your content but do not sell.

If you can pull it through and you have smart techniques to create a headline that sells, why not? It’s tricky, so you have to be very careful.

Beautify your first paragraph

I know, it sounds like a photo editor’s option. But your first paragraph, after your headline, gets the attention, too. You need your audience to stay, so ‘slay’ with a compelling first paragraph.

Be smart with your image captions

Craft captions that will remove the confusion about the image. Do not let your audience guess what your photo is all about. There has to be a reason why you put that photo in your content. It helps to get your audience curious about the photo, but you do not allow them to have their conclusions, and leave after.

Except that some images can stand alone. If you intend to put them without the caption to speak for themselves, be careful to send your message across.

Write your subheads with confidence

Like the headline, these second-level headlines also get attention. They support the headline and the first paragraph, so they must be compelling, too.

Find ways to create and earn trust with your content

Sonia Simone has this to say:

Garbage content will give your garbage results.

Sonia Simone, The Strategy of Content

What you are targeting is for your audience to be familiar with you through your content, to feel warm while reading your content with a voice they love.

If your content is weak, filled only with keywords, but is going nowhere, you do not make your audience happy. You only create content that sounds like the ones coming from auto-blogging programs. Google will not like it.

Reward your audience with your content

And how will you do that? Create content that makes your audience’s life better or one that they can use right away or one that entertains them or gives them pleasure.

So, today’s post ends here with a reminder to double your actions for your writing conquest now that the holidays are over!

I bet you all had a festive holiday, but I am still curious about what you did! Mine’s about bonding with family and relations. ❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Great tips here. I often struggle with not leaving enough white space in my posts. I feel like they’re sometimes too long for people to bother reading. This was helpful. Thanks for posting.


    1. Hi, Karen. Thank you for appreciating. Apologies for not being able to reply. 2020 is a very challenging year for me taking of my beloved who passed away in 2021.


  2. Lots of juicy food for thought about how to structure/think about and improve my online writing this year. I’ve been lazy lately about subheadings or titling images. Two easy things to add to my blog checklist!


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