John Pagulayan: An Embodiment of Freelancing Made Easy

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There is a definition of ‘idol’ that fits a particular person I admire.

Idol: a perfect embodiment of a concept.

I am not a raving fanatic who just loves to adore someone blindly. This is what an idol means to some excitable, younger group in most generations.

But not for me.

In many instances, even during college (or when I was younger), I admire individuals who stand out because of their ability and intellect. The physical features are not the foremost reason I hold somebody in high regard.

Of course, being young, I had many crushes. But that’s definitely another story.

Going back to this particular definition of an idol -“a perfect embodiment of a concept,” John Pagulayan fits the description.

John Pagulayan is a known Filipino copywriter who started The Freelance Movement Tribe, conducting workshops for freelancers seeking ways to reap considerable earnings.

He represents the freelancing concept that has nothing to do with a person’s skills, experience, credentials, or portfolio but one’s ability. It may sound odd but at the same amazing.

He continues to inspire a lot of people. He gives that aura that anybody can do what he did. To many aspiring people, and I believe it does not mean the younger group only, he is an epitome of success despite the odds.

I have yet to join the tribe! I believe the time is ripe to experience the workshop. Who knows what improvement it could contribute to my content writing feat?

Hello, fellow UBC participants! Hello to the 2nd day.


  1. I haven’t heard of him but will look him up soon as I like getting to know people others admire. Thank you for taking the time to share him. Have a wonderful day.

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  2. I think I have heard of The Freelance Movement Tribe but couldn’t recall John’s name. People like him truly are inspiring and keep us doing what we are doing

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    1. Hi, Michelle. He’s popular among freelancers here in the Philippines. He’s a cool fellow with great ideas and proven accomplishments, too.

      Thank you for visiting my blog. ☺️


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