10 Tips from Experts to Get Back Into Writing Content Quickly

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Are you having a writing slump right now? Do you feel the need to write content quickly after that long break? You are not alone. 

I have left this blog for a long time. But now I am back to the grind. I intend to make this blog with a purpose from the start. So here I am again, trying to create share-worthy content after re-introducing myself.

I mentioned quickly. One of the methods to write blog content fast or quickly is aggregating content from other sources. This method will help you source materials for the audience to save them time.

So how do you get back into writing content quickly? Here are tips from experts that are applicable and noteworthy. Please visit their amazing blogs by clicking on the link on their names.

  • “Develop a comeback post.” WebNots‘ suggestion is a quick way not only to get back to blogging but also a fast way to craft a post. If you’re confident about doing a video with this, you do it.
  • “Create a blogging schedule.” I could not agree more with WebNots‘ advice about a blogging schedule. With this in place, you can plan and be able to write your blog content quickly.
  • “Get inspired and motivated.” Shareaholic’s Ginny Mineo suggests connecting with others to achieve your blogging goals. This method is relevant and can help generate ideas quickly, like how it is with UBC.
  • “Jump right into it – no apologies necessary.” This instruction fits perfectly with writing blog content quickly. Mineo even advised starting writing if you think of a good idea.  
  • “Get ideas in unorthodox ways.” After a long break, you may have already forgotten your writing style. The suggestion from a Master Class staff of trying a random idea generation to get yourself going is liberating. Freewriting without an outline, for example, can save you from the hassle.
  • “Write for writing’s sake.” Instead of worrying too much about your commercial appeal, why not loosen up and write to your heart’s content the things you believe in and want to share? Master Class advised being true to yourself, too.
  • “Write short blog posts.” This advice is one quick way to write blog content. Sperling Interactive accurately described the experience of writing again after a long break to working out where you should not put too much pressure on yourself to do a lot. 
  • “Ask your readers what they want.” Sperling Interactive suggests a unique way to craft content fast. It is a witty approach to getting ideas by asking your readers what they want through your social media.
  • “Update your old posts and high-impact pages.” Fabrizio Van Marciano mentioned that this would probably take up most of your time. But you may do this one by one. Check your old posts and get one running after updating.
  • “Refresh your blog design,” Marciano admitted that this is not always needed. It helps to inspire you to write with new ideas seeing a new blog layout and design. It’s like a newly furnished home that inspires you to do up. 

There you go, the experts have their say to help you get back into writing your content quickly. I have done most of them that’s why I am sharing them.  

If you are at a loss for words literally, you can always refer to this list. Happy writing UBC participants!


  1. WOW your blog couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve been blogging in between the January challenge but April arrived and I started dragging! I’m pushing and I will get it done but my brain just doesn’t seem to go “bing, bing, bing for the topics. (after I wrote that I realized I made a funny LOL) I even asked Lia for a blog suggestion for Monday!

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  2. Lol, I like the ‘jump right into it, no apologies necessary’ quote, because oftentimes bloggers keep saying sorry for being away, even though their disappearance didn’t even register on their readers’ radar. Glad that you’re back though, and wishing you a fun time this time around!

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    1. Hi, Stuart! Such an honor to see you here.
      Your thoughts in your blog are amazing although honestly, I felt intimidated at first. Don’t get me wrong. I just love your blog and will visit soon.


  3. These tips are useful even for those blogging/writing regularly. I always plan to write short posts but as I start writing, I continue and they grow longer .. what I don’t seem to remember at that time is time itself!!

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