How to Become a Content Writer With No Experience

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No experience? No problem.

Is that what you want to hear? You wanted to become a content writer, but you have no experience. Is that doable? Of course, it is.

Every job has a description and requirements. Like any other job, content writing is casual or occasional work that gets paid. But you have to do something to be able to do this job.

This blog post is for beginners, those who desire to become content writers, and those who have just started to learn the skills of a content writer. 

Also, this blog post is for the audience, too – the client. Knowing how to deal with content writers is essential. Your expectations as a client will vary depending on the skills and experiences of your content writer. 

Content writers’ skills development and growth also depend on a client’s support and encouragement. It’s a partnership between the content writer and the client.

Now back to the question, can you become a content writer even if you do not have experience?

Your commitment to your goal to become a content writer comes first and foremost. This intention is the key to your objective. More than anything else, stick to your plan of achieving this.

How do you start?


Like any job application, you have to prepare. You have to be ready for the job. You have to draw up your energy for the tasks ahead.  

Did I mention energy? You will need tons of mental energy for the job, and a little of your physical energy, depending on the type of content writing you choose.

Tutorials and training are available on the internet. Some of these are free, and some are for a fee. If the budget is tight, try those that are free. There are pieces of training from Skillshare, Udemy, Google, Hubspot, and Open2Study you may want to try.

Guru99 has a list of 10+Best (REALLY FREE) Online Writing Courses in April 2022. Nothing in this world lasts, so enjoy any of these free pieces of training. How else do you equip yourself with knowledge and learning?


After the completed training comes the application of what you learned. Why will you waste the training gems you got for free? 

So, focus on the necessary things from the training. The thing is, our brain retains information that is at higher levels of attention and priority. You will likely forget them if you take them for granted.

Then start writing. Write something you want to express or about anything you want to share. Practice with gusto. As I have always said, practice makes almost perfect.

Let others read what you write. Let them criticize what you formed through words and sentences. Learn from the mistakes you make. 

Consult the thesaurus and the dictionary. Use a grammar checker and plagiarism checker. Use all the tools that you can get to perfect your writing.


Now that you are prepared, trained, and have practiced, you will need to find your niche. Niche is defined by as a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing. It is pronounced as nich or neesh. 

In my previous blog post, Easy Ways to Find a Niche, you can find your niche starting from Google. Or you can find your niche through keyword research tools.

Your niche sets you apart from the rest. This will help you target your audience. Do you want to write about wellness products? Are you knowledgeable about them? Then focus on this.

It does not end there. You also need to research your target audience and learn about an unmet need or identify a pain point.

For now, focus on these three important points (Preparation, Application, & Niche Identification) as a start to becoming a content writer. Ready. Set. Go.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information as my son is wanting to start a YouTube Channel and also work with my on my blog. I plan on having Charlie read your article for his Hoemschool Reading Class so he will have a idea of what he would need to do and why. Before he gets started and decides its to much work and quits. Like a lot of people do.


    1. Hi, Karen. Felt like ages when we last connected. Hope everything is fine at your end.

      Thank you for appreciating. I bookmarked those free resources, too.


  2. You make it sound so easy! LOL The one thing I seem to be missing this challenge is mental energy. This has never happened to me but luckily Lia is giving me pep talks.


  3. If only it was as easy as one, two, three!
    Writing does take a lot of mental energy. I find I can’t write if there’s too much going on around me. I can’t settle my mind down until it’s calm and quiet.

    But these tips are practical.

    Thanks for the post

    God bless!
    Ridge Haven Homestead


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