How to Conquer Fear When Writing Content

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It’s cliché, I know, to hear words like “You can do it!” amidst your fears.  Use it, however.

Suddenly you remember the famous line by Ralph Waldo Emerson saying, “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”

Somehow it feels it does not work. Fear is trying to conquer you. Worst, the deadline is fast approaching.  You still have a blank MS Word document.

I had those episodes believe me.

You have to do something.  I suggest that instead of wallowing, why not welcome fear?  Accept reality. Fear is natural.

Because admit it or not, fear will try to persist as you resist.

Face Your Fear

The question is – what do you fear when writing content? 

Before you write, why not list them down?

Here are some of the fears content writers face:


It’s scary to receive rejections. Not far from happening, isn’t it? If you are a newbie, be ready for these possibilities of rejections.  

You are not alone, I tell you. Nobody who had attempted writing for clients or businesses was exempt from this.

Are you just going to feel scared, haunted by the rejection setback?

Of course, you should not. You have to learn from this. Use this experience to do better.

Inability to deliver

“Do not overthink,” someone told me that. It makes sense because overthinking complicates matters.  

Until a client accepts your offer and tells you afterward that you have to make some changes, do not be afraid. Do not get ahead and be frozen by a lot of thoughts that are not helpful.

Instead, think that you have to write well for the client.  Remember that you are the voice of their brand or business.

Being stuck and can’t take action

Well, there has to be a reason why you get stuck and cannot go on. Your inability to progress depends not on any other individual but on you.

You wanted to improve as a content writer. You have to do something about it. Check your current skills. Are they rusty?

Train and socialize if needed. Learn from the experts. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two. You can be inspired, too, and get to the action.

End up quitting

I understand there are a lot of distractions – the noise that we get daily. When you are distracted by these noises, shift the gear and focus.

If you quit writing because you want to focus on more important things, that is understandable. Be sure that it is more valuable than writing content, or you will think of it with a sense of loss.

Embrace Fear

Fear is not fear until you surrender to it.  

There is valuable learning from a renowned coach – read thrice, check twice, send once, with regards to copy or content. I think you can consider an analogy applicable to your attitude toward fear but in reverse – accommodate it once, monitor it twice, and reject it thrice.



  1. Thank you, for sharing because even after all this time something I end up with fear and don’t know what to write.


  2. The blank screen is hard. Sometimes I have to just walk away. If it’s not coming, it’s hard to force it.
    Sometimes a new perspective after a little break really helps to pull my head together.

    Ridge Haven Homestead


    1. Hi, Laurie. Very true. I turn to Mr. R. Kriegel’s quote always when the creative juices are not coming – “Trying easy will help you in any area of your life.”

      Thanks for your input, and for visiting.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Your post is definitely for me! I’m not at all a good writer, but I try my best. I do let fear sink in and tell myself I cannot write this or that for a client. However, the past few weeks I have been challenged and it’s not so bad after all. I do have to allow review of my content and I am welcome to revisions and critiquing. It’s all part of the learning process. And that’s okay with me. 🙂


  4. That’s awesome, Martha! The pic is not mine though. I got it from Pexels.

    You are blessed that your business has not experienced fear getting its way. You must be doing something right!


  5. These are some of the same ways we would conquer issues in our window treatment business! We would like fear get in the way, was too positive! On a side note, one of our clients choose the same fabric as your pillows for her cushions!

    Liked by 1 person

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