What Everyone is Saying About Attraction Content

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Attraction content drives traffic.

I came across attraction content from the course The Strategy of Content. It is one of those strategic types of content. Strategic, because attraction content has a goal, that is, to drive traffic to your website or blog.

This post intends to curate what the experts are saying about attraction content.

From Demian Farnworth, Copyblogger

Attraction content is freely available on the web for social sharing and … search engines to index. Your goal for this content is for people to consume it and spread it.

From Sonia Simone, Copyblogger

It’s the way that content — if you structure it correctly — has a magical-seeming way of attracting certain benefits to your business.

From Jeff Bullas,

It involves giving value and offering free content to pull prospective leads into your company. The ‘attraction’ part of the equation is the important bit here – the idea is not to bang on about your merchandise or your company, but to grab people’s attention on an unconscious level so that they don’t … know they’ve been converted until they take action.

From Mike Gingerich,

An attraction piece of content is typically a blog post or resource article on your website. It is not a product listing. An attraction article is not a “selly-sell” over-hyped push-to-buy type of material but rather something … useful to the reader and by which you can be found and discovered by those searching for [an] answer to that type of situation/problem/scenario.

From Miles,

When creating content, you need to think carefully about your message because it needs to appeal to your target audience. You then want to create headlines that will catch their attention and address their questions and concerns. Creating a “how to” blog post is one of the easiest ways you can appeal to your audience because it is a straightforward way to grab their attention.

From Dan Kern, Inflow

Ask yourself, “What is the perceived motive within my content?” Whether you are attempting to educate your customers, or put down a competitor, your readers will pick up on this. Are you building trust and attracting other positive emotions, or disgust and attracting other negative emotions?

From Anna Johansson, EContent

There is no substitute for quality content. Without superb content that’s relevant to your brand and audience, there is no link attraction. It would be like trying to attract paperclips to a stick with no magnet. The content is the magnet – without it, there’s no force to generate backlinks. In today’s world, quality content can mean a lot of things. In this context, quality means relevant, deep (both in substance and word count), and reader-centric. If a piece of content lacks in any of these areas, it won’t be a very effective magnet for links.

Attraction contents are in formats like listicles, infographics, downloadable resources, slide presentations, surveys, stats, or a combination of these.

What type of attraction content do you usually write? Have you tried a combination of attraction content?


  1. Those quotes definitely helped me get a better sense of things that can work as attraction content… I need to figure out how to use what I write into content that attracts now.. Your posts are definitely inspiring me to focus on my blog in a whole new way


  2. Very interesting post. I really never gave attraction content a thought. But now thinking of it, I would say Lia is my attraction content.


    1. Are you the one who did the infographics? I admire people who have the skills. Those quotes are very helpful to understand what attraction content is. Glad you liked it.


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