Comments in Blog Posts: How You Benefit from Them

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Does a blog owner truly benefit from comments in the blog posts?

It depends, some bloggers will say.

‘No way,’ says Jose.

‘Of course!’ says a business owner.

Owning a blog is an effective way of interacting with its audience or its readership. Through the comments in your blog posts, you reach others and converse with them. You communicate intimately or continuously with the audience, share your interests, or give opinions.

But how do you benefit from the comments in your blog posts? Is it worth permitting comments or enabling the comment option when you might receive spam comments, flaming or vitriolic criticisms, and other undesirable situations?

It’s a good thing there is already an option to moderate comments. You can review blog comments before publishing them.

Comments Shape Friendly and Peaceful Networks

Although there are blogs that disable the comment option, most blogs do otherwise. The reasons vary from the need to reveal inner feelings, share everyday activities, experience the same interests, or discuss and oppose views about different issues. These scenarios are very prevalent in personal blogs.

Blogs for commercial services benefit through these relations networks, too. Comments can bring leads that are good for the business.

Comments Measure Your Degree of Influence

When other bloggers cite your blog posts, link to them, or mention them in forums or discussion boards, it becomes the metric of your influence. It brings visitors to your blog who leaves comments or short discussions in your comment section.

The number of comments on your blog may not indicate its rank, but it measures your influence.

Comments Improve Blog Information Retrieval

Information retrieval pertains to how knowledge is produced, consumed, or searched through the world wide web.

With recent and relevant comments on your blog, your blog becomes searchable. This statement means that when someone searches for blog posts relevant to the topic of a query, the blog comments become a channel.

Your chances of obtaining more connections, or more business leads, become wide. The comments in your blog posts are not only an indicator of influence but a means to assist searchers in their queries.

So think carefully about the comments posted on your blog. As much as possible, reciprocate the kindness. You will benefit from the interaction.


  1. I love reading the comments people leave on my blog and need to really work on replying to those comments on my blog; though I do reciprocate by commenting most often… And comments also provide inspiration for future posts!!


  2. I really enjoy the conversations with my readers and am happy to have a comment section available to them. The spam comments get deleted without comment, however.


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