Interesting Things to Know About PowerPoint Presentation

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In his email for today’s UBC post, Paul suggested that we do not have to blog 100% of the time about our niche because our readers like to connect with us.

I am sharing what I learned using PowerPoint Presentation a few years ago. What I am going to share is not a personal post because I write my thoughts, rants, opinions, and points of view at Warmstone, my other blog.

Lately, I have been into the creation of PowerPoint presentations again.

There are fascinating things I learned about PowerPoint presentations. One evening, I showed three (3) PowerPoint presentations to my son, an English teacher who uses PowerPoint in his class.

It is such an engaging discussion with him. He is sincere in giving his thoughts on the presentations.

He saw the animations I applied to the current presentation. Honestly, I got carried away while using the animation button. It was not my plan to use a lot of the animations, but at the time, I felt accomplished by being able to do them.

His first question was – What is the animation for? I was not able to answer at first.

He told me that I need to have a purpose and not create confusion when using PowerPoint animations. According to him, too many of them will make the presentation tacky and lose focus on the topic or subject matter at hand.

I was able to think of an answer, and it went like this – It is meant to give a break to the series of ‘serious’ slides per topic. My son told me that it was not the correct thing to do because I could lose the quality of the presentation.

My son also mentioned that using a white background in a PowerPoint presentation is safer. He said that some people can use other colors, but everyone has to consider the colors of the fonts versus the background used.

I also learned that I have to choose the animation ‘Appear’ or ‘Fade’ or limit the timing for a fancy animation.

I just did a recent PowerPoint presentation in a workshop I had for a group, and it’s a blast.

How about you? Are you well-versed with PowerPoint presentations?


  1. It has been a while since I created PPTs. I used to for a few years as my role needed me to create them for bi-weekly reports, but there was not much fancying it up there. Though I did create quite a few for my kids’ schools for events there and loved adding all the fun stuff there 🙂


  2. Bing, do you realize your comment box comes up black, so it’s hard to see where to start commenting? Just a thought. Yes, I use PP all the time. I personally am overstimulated by animations and zippy soundtracks. When I am speaking to a professional group, I want them to watch me, with the PP as elucidating backup, not an overwhelming or commanding central focus. Also, we need to look at what background color and what fonts and what size images will be easy on the eyes of the audience, depending on the size of the room or perhaps Zoom. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.


    1. Hi, Kebba. I will check on it. Tweaked the CSS as per the advice of another blogger who also finds it hard to comment because it’s all white. ‘Easy on the eyes’ – that’s the perfect phrase for it. I appreciate the input. 🙂


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