How to Imitate Top Content Writers

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Photo by Tara Winstead

You may wonder about the relevance of the featured photo. It reminds me how we are all inclined to imitate or create things to imitate another, and I am not an exemption.

Like the photos of a banana and citrus fruits, the plastic toys looked like exact copies. But if you look more, you will find the difference. 

I think it is the same with people. We may be so different, but we may have similar aspirations. We may have different living standards, but we may share the same passion in some situations.

One of my greatest aspirations is to be a better, if not the best, content writer. The kind of content writer who can make a steady kind of living. 

I am still in the process of honing my skills and creating a formula. Right now, I want to share what I plan to do to achieve my goal – imitate top content writers to be a successful content writer:

  • Review my target audience and my niche.
  • Use strategies to generate interest from possible clients, consisting of updating my blog and promoting and marketing my skills via LinkedIn.  
  • Undergo pieces of training to hone the needed skills to improve my craft.
  • Brace me against possible rejections or negative feedback, and work on being magnanimous. 
  • Share what I learn and help others in their endeavor to be successful in writing.

This is how I see imitation as not a bad thing. After all, everyone basically started by copying from an original.

Do you have an idea of what I am talking about? Can you share some tips to help me become a better content writer?


  1. I think it’s just like with regular writing, you need to read as many books as you can (or in this case content in your niche).

    See what people are after, and then give it to them (with your own, original spin of course).

    Good post, btw! 😀


  2. My blog today has a similar feature as yours, it’s about inspring others. Lia copied a drawing from blogger Alice! I like your last skill listed – share what you learn and help others.

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