Comments from Blog Posts: How You Benefit From Them Part 2

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Have you already realized the benefits you get from comments in your blog posts?

In my first post about comments, I discussed how you could benefit from them. Today, I wanted to talk about three (3) blog posts with the highest total and wittiest and most helpful comments from other bloggers. I got this nice idea from Paul’s suggestion for April 20, 2022.

10 Free Courses to Learn Content Writing

I expected that the audience would appreciate the blog post. But engaging with a comment is a plus for me. I felt that there is an added value for the readers.

Here is one of the significant comments:

This is probably the most useful thing I’ve come across in my recent quest for job readiness. My goal isn’t necessarily being a content writer. However, I believe that regardless of industry or role, understanding how to write and optimize content for digital consumption is a necessity.


Are Limiting Beliefs Rub-a-Dub-Dubbing in Your Writing Process? You Can Do Something About Them.

I was surprised to see how bloggers related to the post. I think the blog post title got their attention. Not only about its construction but also how they relate to limiting beliefs.

Here’s one of the witty comments:

The thing about eliminating limiting beliefs is the cascade effect. You eliminate one, and the rest suddenly just fall away.

Kandas Rodarte

Excellent Ways to Craft Your Headlines Quickly

Here is a blog post that seemed beneficial to the readers. The nice thing about reading comments is you also learn from them.

Here is one of those helpful comments:

My number one requirement for a headline is it needs to be relevant. If there’s anything I hate, it’s clickbait titles.


There are other witty, clever, helpful, and fun comments in my blog posts. It would be a long post discussing all of them. But one thing – it’s always nice to read them because they also tell me their thoughts and how the posts relate to them.

The crux of the matter is we should not look at comments as a bother and not allow them if they displease us. Except for those that are antagonistic, we benefit from the helpful comments because they teach us the things that we are not aware of.

I am glad that there are not yet unfriendly or provocative comments. Although if there would be, I will charge it to experience.


  1. Love this post Bing. and how you highlighted comments from your posts for specific reasons.. Comments help me in so many ways, they keep me going, give me ideas, and also give me a much better sense of my audience.. even the ones that might be not-so-friendly help as I learn to deal with how to react to them (At the least).. and then there are the spam comments – sometimes fun to read, and at other times, well, fun to delete!


  2. I appreciate it when people take the time to write a comment. It also tells me if my work is engaging enough or if I need to make changes. It helps me get a sense of how my work is being received and whether or not people are enjoying it.


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