Ask: What Should My Blog Post be About?

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So you have finished setting up your blog. Are you set to writing your first blog post? Or, if you have started already, did you have rules or checklists that you follow for a blog post?

For some, I’m sure you started a blog to express your thoughts, your points of view, your rants. Well, blogs began in the ’90s as journals or diary-like. Do not take this the wrong way – it is very okay to create a blog as a journal. There are a lot of beautiful personal blogs on the internet.

Favorably, blogs evolved. Now one can have a personal brand blog where the blogger is the brand. The blog becomes the platform of a thought leader, a coach, or a guide that specifically caters to a particular niche.

Some blogs talk about personal services like babysitting, dog walking, gardening, etcetera. Some blogs talk about niches like finance, writing, games, books, affiliate marketing, or WordPress.

As expected, more blogs are becoming the venue to attract the audience or potential customers.

But before I go astray and forget about the topic – what should a blog post be about if it will cater to an audience?

3 Things to Ask

  • What would my customer or client persona or ideal customer or client research before buying my product or enlisting my service? You also have to do your research because you will have a specific idea of what they want. Isn’t it easier to write something you already know than to guess?

          GIVE THE ANSWER! 

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  • What is the principal pain point of my customer or client persona? By pain points, they mean the specific problems they experience, and by knowing, you can create solutions for them.

          EASE THE PAIN!

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  • What objections does my ideal customer or client have about buying my product or enlisting my service? You can justify your product or service by knowing why they would say no.


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The key is to understand your audience – their doubts and objections – converting them into your buying customer or client. 

Did you learn what your blog post should be about?


  1. While I still hope to cover a few more areas than I do currently, somehow the focus has been on reading and writing (two things I am definitely most passionate about)


    1. Hey, Vidya! You are good at reading and writing. Eventually, we see what we can improve. If you’re doing it to build something as a business, then it’s necessary to do a few tweaks. But if you’re doing it for the passion to write, it’s still ok. 🙂

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  2. When I started my WP blog in 2014, it was mainly to write my prodect reviews. Little by little that changed to different categories and now it’s mostly about family and life in general.


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