Dear Client, You to Me are Everything

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How do you qualify your clients in content writing?

Oh, how you wish you could be upfront with your client singing that line from The Real Thing! After a successful business deal, of course.

Do you feel you are at their mercy? Do you fancy they will close the deal with you? And wish they buy you out while crossing your fingers?

A talented mentor said, “You are only as good as your client allows you to be.” That is spot on!

Your dear client is actively finding ways to grow their business.

If you asked me to
I’d do anything for you

The biggest mistake your client can commit is assuming that you, as their content writer, will do everything for them. While freedom is good, the client has to be able to define what they want for the project. It is not always your task to do that for them.

Knowing what they need for their business will also help you be an efficient content writer. So, be brave, asking them if they know what they need or if they already have contacts that you can interview to begin.

Your dear client focuses on the tangibles.

I could move a mountain when
Your hand is in my hand

Would it be easier if your client reads from the same page? You think of your contribution to the number of traffic you bring them. They understand that you need a budget to work on or that there has to be an upfront payment to get you started.

You should be able to see how the client looks at the tangibles and how they see your worth.

Your dear client is open to suggestions and improvements.

There must be some other way
To make you see

The more people involved in the review process and approving your content, the more it will take time to get it published. Your client needs to have a policy on reviewing content, or you may end up waiting or losing your content no matter how good it is.

Your dear client should realize that as much as you want to help, they need to help you. They can offer materials that will facilitate your writing process – marketing materials, for example, or previous content and resource materials.

Your dear client respects boundaries.

Everything that I possess
I’d gladly sacrifice

It should be the opposite of those lines of the song. You should know when and where to draw the line. For example, you are not responsible for the inability of a client to pay you accordingly. Tell them honestly about the payment terms that you both agreed to.

Your client may argue that they just started the business. There are boundaries, however. Remember, you have to love yourself, too.

They should not blame you if things go wrong. You do not need to help at your expense. If you do your service pro bono or at a much lesser fee most of the time, your profitability as a content writer will be slower than the rest.

Your dear client respects you and your work.

To you I guess
I’m just a clown
Who picks you up
Each time you’re down

Your dear client keeps your hopes high without a definite target when to start. Just be honest, conclude the deal and ask them if it is okay that you keep in touch.

Or your dear client wants you to finish the work in a limited time. You may politely tell the client that it would require a premium rate. They need to understand that it is not easy work.

Your dear client has a proven product or service that sells.

Oh you to me are everything
The sweetest song
That I could sing

Are customers buying their products or enlisting their services? Are they proven products or services that sell?

It would help to know the current situation of their market. It would be easier to write your content if this is the case.

Your dear client knows who they serve.

Maybe given time
You’ll have a change of heart

Your dear client should be able to provide information about who they serve – their audience. The littlest detail will help you talk to their audience and address their concerns.

You have to know about their feedback and complaints, too. You may want to talk more to the marketing and salespeople about this.

You also have to know how they set themselves apart from their competitors because you would want to write one day about their unique selling point.

Remember to love your dear clients. Tables always turn. You can become the client someday!


  1. Bing, yes, it’s a real interplay of what the client thinks they want, what they say they want, what they really want that they didn’t realize, and your ability both to listen and to read their minds! Thanks for a great article.


    1. Hi, Kebba! Will be visiting even if UBC already ended. It is such a comfort to read what you write. You have a well-defined niche.

      The ability to listen is easy but to read minds is challenging. Haha


  2. I’m still not sure of what a content writer does, but this is great advice. When I was a freelance journalist, I found that clients undervalued my work and would pay me as little as they could possibly get away with. It’s good to let the customers know that, if there are lots of demands (such as a super fast turnaround time), there are expenses for that. Our work has value; otherwise, the customers could just do it themselves!


    1. Hi, Alice! Can’t help but smile with this line – the customers could just do it themselves. It is important that we need to be assertive with the role we’re doing. Also, if a client undervalues your work, time to end the project politely. 😀


  3. I completely agree! It’s so important for clients to be clear about what they want and need from their content writer. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to produce the high-quality content that they are hoping for.


    1. I agree. Although another problem – the language barrier – can ruin business relationships at times even with the best intentions.

      Glad to meet you in this challenge, Tamara! I love how you write.


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