What Not to Do When Blogging

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In case you noticed, it is not about the blog, which is a noun. It is about the act, which is a verb.

Because it is the act, there are do’s and don’ts to heed.

A part of this blog post was written last October 9, 2019, like this:

If you are here reading this blog, thank you.  And sorry, too.

I have to apologize if you were here yesterday and have read my blog. It was a product of neglect. As I was reading it, I was very disappointed. It was a piece done in haste and unpreparedness.

There were lots of mistakes and errors in grammar and sentence structures that I had to rewrite the whole thing. The blog post is not cohesive, too, and not that clear.

I believe everybody has to learn from this. I am sharing what I have learned from the experience. Blogging refers to the act of writing a blog or a blog post.

When blogging, you have to avoid the following:

Blogging when not feeling well

There are many indications and causes why you feel unwell. You feel unwell because your body is worn-out, or you are in poor health.

If you had a few sips of alcohol, you are unwell also. The same thing happens after you take anti-allergy meds.

That’s what happened to me. I felt sleepy after taking anti-allergy meds. I felt sick and continued writing.

Blogging when you do not have a general idea of what to write about

The situation was not the case, although this happens at times. It is hard to beat writer’s block. Two things can happen. It could either be you cannot think of what to write, or your creative juices are slowing down.

Do not force yourself to write. Stop and relax. Then go back.

Blogging when you are forcing yourself to write

Sometimes, it is not sickness or fatigue that obliges you to write. There is a challenge you want to complete or a deadline you have to beat.

When you feel obligated to write, the results are not always good, except if you are that good.

Blogging when you are not ready

It is difficult for non-native English speakers to express their thoughts in ways that could be relatable or understandable to native English speakers.

There are ways to get ready to write. Even if your version sounds and reads technical, learn the language. You will finally learn the ropes.

So, that’s it! The four things you do not have to do when blogging.

Feel free to add more in the comments about what I’ve missed.


  1. Great pointers Bing! I’ve met a few of them myself. I sometimes get “brain fade” and can’t come up with any topic! But when that happens, I usually scroll through my photos and find something of interest and turn it into a blog!

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  2. Ok, don’t apologize for yesterday, we ALL have those not so perfect days and I am definitely no exception. I found that today is National Stop Bullying Day and luckily have a lot to say about that having been bullied in the workplace!
    That’s what makes the Ulitmate Blogging Challenge hard to complete, not blogging when you don’t feel well, when you have no general idea about what to blog about, when you force yourself to write, etc. I agree Blogging is an action we as writers take, it’s not just the BLOG itself. So many do not understand what blogging really is, thank you for your blog today- your “action” came through on this end well. LOL!

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    1. Hi, Pamela. I am sorry to hear about the bullying. I hope it’s not physical though verbal abuse can hurt more.

      Thank you for your ‘action’, too, of taking time to comment. Appreciate it. 🙂


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